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Antibody Purification


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Antibody purification is needed when the functionality of an antibody has to be improved. For example, polyclonal antibodies are found in the serum (liquid portion of the blood) of the animals immunized with the target protein (antigen). Serum is rich in different molecules that can create “noise” in the response of the specific antibodies to the antigen. By purifying the antibodies out from the serum, the response obtained from the antibodies is cleaner and much more specific.


MédiMabs provide antibody purification as part of custom projects, the service of large scale antibody purification from existing hybridomas or from supernatant/serum provided by clients.


Protein A and Protein G Chromatography

Protein A and Protein G is an efficient method for total IgG purification due to their ability to bind the constant (Fc) region of IgG from various species. Most intact IgG antibodies can be purified efficiently, however, total IgG purification will not result in specific antibodies against the immunizing antigen. It is the method of choice for antibodies that have been generated against antigens that are not available in sufficient quantities to make antigen affinity columns. Total IgG can be purified from serum, cell culture supernatant or ascites.


Antigen Specific Affinity Purification

Is the method of choice to isolate antigen-specific antibodies using a column constructed by coupling an antigen to an affinity column. This method uses the specificity of the antibody-antigen interactions and typically yields > 95% pure specific antibodies.


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