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Hybridoma Optimization Services


MédiMabs offers two services for Hybridoma Optimization: Re-cloning and Rescue.


Even though hybridoma lines can be stored for years and still grow after many years at < -100°C temperatures, the level of the antibody secretion can diminish over time. This can happen due to a decrease in the number of antibody-secreting cells in the overall cell population. MédiMabs will subclone your hybridoma, establish a new monoclonal cell line selected for the highest production of the antibody, determine the isotype and expand and freeze the cells (10 vials).

In addition, if monoclonality of the line is in question, subcloning of your hybridoma will allow the isolation of the different clones and selection of a proper monoclonal hybridoma with the best antibody secretion.


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Reinitiating hybridoma cultures from a frozen bank can many times be challenging due to small numbers of viable cells that are difficult to propagate. MédiMabs' team of experts will thaw and amplify the cells using a multi-parameter recovery process. A new monoclonal cell line will be established by selecting for the highest production of the antibody. Cells will be expanded and frozen (10 vials).


Mycoplasma testing and treatment is also available. For more information or to request a quote, please, contact us.