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Custom Polyclonal Antibody


Custom Polyclonal Antibodies

Unlike monoclonal antibodies which come from a single cell lineage and have specificity and affinity towards a unique epitope, Polyclonal antibodies are a group of antibodies recognizing different portions of one defined target secreted by a variety of B cell lineages having different specificities and epitope affinities. Therefore, the polyclonal serum will contain a heterogeneous complex mixture of antibodies displaying different affinity and are mainly of IgG subclass.


To direct the production of a polyclonal antibody towards a unique epitope, peptides are used as antigens, especially for protein families of high homology. The numerous advantages in producing polyclonal antibodies are as follows:


  • Lower price
  • Shorter production time than monoclonal antibodies
  • Possibility to be produced using whole proteins as antigens. They can therefore recognize multiple epitopes of the antigen which can amplify signal from target proteins with low expression level
  • It is an ideal capture antibody to be used in a Sandwich ELISA due its great capacity to capture the target protein.
  • Polyclonal antibodies are highly stable and easy to store


MédiMabs offers the production of custom polyclonal antibodies in:



MédiMabs also offers a variety of packages for the production of polyclonal antibodies; our standard protocols were designed based on years of experience. However, for any other specific protocol please contact us so we can propose a suitable solution.


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