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Hybrid hybridomas or quadromas are man-made cell lines that secrete bispecific antibodies (bsAb) with two different specificities being able to crosslink two distinct molecules. Production of Bispecific monoclonal antibodies by hybrid-hybridoma technique was first described in 1983 by Dr. Claudio Cuello and Dr. Cesar. They described the hybrid-hybridoma production by fusion of two established antibody producing hybridoma cells where the resulting quadroma secrets hybrid immunoglobulins (Ig) with biding characteristics of the two individual parental hybridomas in a single molecule.


Bispecific antibodies have many advantages when compared with traditional antibodies. Antibodies with two distinct binding specificities have great potential for a wide range of clinical applications as targeting agents, for in vitro and in vivo immunodiagnostic and therapy, and for improving immunoassays. The advantage of its monovalency for one antigen and simultaneous binding of a marker enzyme has also been explored for its potential use in competitive immunoassays. Its use in immunocytochemistry van lead to major improvements in sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio, simplification of staining procedures.


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