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Custom Monoclonal Antibody


Custom Monoclonal Antibody

Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs)are expressed by hybridomas which are hybrid cells produced by the fusion of an antibody-producing lymphocyte from an immunized animal and a myeloma cell. Hybridomas cells produce a specific antibody like the normal parent cell and can proliferate indefinitely in culture like the parent tumor cells. Custom antibody generation in laboratories is a difficult and expensive process. Monoclonal antibodies generation requires specific equipment and extensive expertise. They are critical tools for molecular immunology investigations, in particular, when used in combination with techniques such as epitope mapping and molecular modelling. In addition, monoclonal antibodies have become key components in a vast array of clinical laboratory diagnostic tests and for the treatment of certain diseases such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis.


Advantages of monoclonal antibodies:

  • mAbs represent a single antibody molecule that is highly specificity to a single epitope.
  • The high specificity of mAbs have reduced probability of cross reactivity, thus decreasing background noise.
  • When using protein as antigen it is possible to generate clones to different epitopes specificities and generate antibodies against a wider range of antigenic determinants.
  • mAbs can be produced, from immortal cells, in unlimited quantities of identical antibody
  • Batch to batch homogeneity. All batches are identical and specific to just one epitope.


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