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Custom Antibodies


Are you tired of buying from a catalog company whose products were great for someone else, but may not be quite right for you? Do you need to talk to someone that understands working with antibodies, not just a sales representative?

You want your project to succeed. You want a partner that understands the importance of your project, one that appreciates the need for dialogue to develop a solution that is fitted to the problem. You want to work with a colleague that can understand your scientific complexities, and that speaks your language. You need the product developed in a quality regulated lab so you can be sure no animals suffered needlessly, that your work will be repeatable and you can be proud to site them in your papers.


Yes, you want to work with MédiMabs!

Custom Antibody Services

MédiMabs' custom antibody services consist of developing for researchers specific antibodies that will be used to detect a specific target (antigen) in their assays. These antibodies are generated by the immune response of the animals injected with the antigen and selected for specific applications. We are proud to say that all animal work for the development of antibodies at MédiMabs is done in facilities fully certified by the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC).


The objective of choosing custom antibody services is to obtain an antibody that performs well in a particular immunoassay. To choose among the many options of custom antibody production several factors must be considered before making a decision:


  • Intended application
  • Availability of antigen forms: protein or peptide
  • Types of production: polyclonal or monoclonal
  • Needed amount of antibody
  • Costs of production

MédiMabs has available to its clients the production of both polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies in many different species.