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Cell Banking


MédiMabs' team has many years of experience in the production of cell banks and can offer to its clients the production and storage of Master and Working Cell Banks (WCB).

Master Cell Bank (MCB)

We will create your MCB from the original antibody/protein-producing cell or from cells from a very early passage. Our team will grow and expand the cells, test for mycoplasma and prepare a MCB with at least 106 cells per vial. Vials will be then shipped to clients on dry ice or they can be cryopreserved at MédiMabs (please see Cold Storage and Cryogenic Storage services).

Working Cell Bank (WCB)

The working cell bank is created by MédiMabs team from a frozen vial of a MCB. Following the freezing of the WCB, a vial of cells is thawed and assayed for cell viability and in case of hybridomas, for antibody secretion. Frozen vials will be shipped to the client with dry ice.

Mycoplasma testing and treatment is also available.

Cell Banking Fees for 2016

Prices starting at $490.00/9 vials of one clone/year

Other services include cell reception, sample disposal, delivery, shipping, inventory certification etc.