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Promotion #1 - Cardiac myosin heavy chain Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Sale!

Product catalog numbers:  MM-76250-P-G5C7 (100ug), MM-76251-P-G5C7 (1mg) & MM-76255-P-G5C7 (5mg)


We are excited to be offering this discount on one of our most popular antibodies! Save 10% on the purchase of 1 vial (promo code HH428MM!), 15% on the purchase of 2-4 vials (promo code JT219MM!), or 20% on the purchase of 5+ vials (promo code FG112MM!)! To take advantage of this offer, simply enter the applicable promo code mentioned previously at the checkout page of our website. This offer applies to all formats of the antibody. 


Promotion #2 - Refer a Friend!

Tell your colleagues about MédiMabs and as a token of thanks, receive a 25% discount on your next purchase of catalog antibodies! 

Your colleagues will receive an introductory 20% discount on their first order as well. Refer your colleagues  now by sending their name and  e-mail address to We will be happy to contact your colleague via email to appraise them of the 20% discount they can obtain on their  first order.

Once we have received their order, we will send you, via your email, a coupon for your 25% discount. Please note that your colleague  must be a new customer with MédiMabs and you must be an existing customer with MédiMabs to both be eligible for this promotion. There is no limit to how many colleagues  you may refer!


Spread the Word!!!!

Promotion #3 - Share your Success!

When you publish a paper featuring any of our antibodies we will reward you with a 50% discount on the antibody of your choice!

We recognize  our customers as our collaborators and we are happy and proud to have contributed to your success.

We would love to hear about your scientific success and any thoughts you have on our products.

Share your success and your thoughts with us