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Monoclonal antibodies are becoming therapeutic agents of choice to treat many inherited and acquired diseases. Different strategies can be used to generate new antibodies but generic immunization is currently the only method capable of overcoming the difficulties of in vitro antigen production. 

Existing genetic immunization technologies, including naked DNA and electrotransfer, are not, however, able to efficiently produce all required antibodies. By contrast, ICANtibodies is a potent, "one-way" process based on a revolutionary nanotaxi for the development of virtually any desired antibodies starting simply from an available in silico DNA antigenic sequence. 



Some features of ICANtibodies:

  • An innovative antibody development technology using breakthrough nanotaxis leading to the antigen expression by the chosen animal species. 
  • It does not need a recombinant protein and a peptide at any stage of the antibody development process. 
  • It requires only in-Silico DNA sequence to discover antibodies.
  • It provides a solution to get antibodies against difficult targets (membrane protein, etc.).
  • It saves time to develop polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies.
  • It generates antibodies specific to antigens under their conformational and native structure. 
  • It produces high quality antibodies for many applications (WB, IHC, ELSA, Pull-down assay and FACS). 
  • It attained to discover more than 200 different antibodies over the last 2 years (GPCR, etc.). 


Some benefits of ICANtibodies:


ICANtibodies Benefits


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