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Cold Storage and Cryogenic Storage


MédiMabs offers cold storage in all common biological storage conditions. We can maintain a variety of biological samples such as blood & plasma, DNA & RNA, cell lines, hybridomas and serum at 5°C, -20°C, -80°C and <-100° C temperatures. MédiMabs provides a valuable, insured, back-up supply for all of your important biological material. 


MédiMabs storage facilities are kept in a secure facility accessible only by authorized personnel and routinely maintained. Our cold storage service Standard Operating Procedures and facilities include back-up supply procedures, emergency electrical supply required to ensure an uninterrupted energy supply to the facility, and continual 24/7 monitoring and alarm response for the safeguarding of your samples.

Cryogenic Storage Fees for 2016

Prices starting at $18.00/vial/year