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MAP Immunolabeling Kit

MAP Immunolabeling Kit

  • MAP Immunolabeling Kit
  • MAP Immunolabeling Kit

MAP Immunolabeling Kit

$341,00/125 sections
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NUMÉRO : MM-K-0001-125
  • Nom du produit
    MAP Immunolabeling Kit
  • Serveur
    (1) Rabbit antibody: rabbit; (2) Mouse antibody: mouse
  • Clonality
    (1) Rabbit antibody: polyclonal; (2) Mouse antibody: monoclonal
  • Application Notes
    "The MAP system offers an immunohistochemical alternative to existing immunostaining systems. This immunolabeling system allows a clean amplification of the signal enabling the detection of low amounts of antigens. The rabbit antibody (1) (shown in red) bridges the mouse primary antibody (shown in blue) to the mouse monoclonal anti-HRP antibody (2) (shown in black) previously immunologically bound to HRP. Contrary to HRP conjugation to the secondary antibody, a procedure which inactivates binding sites or enzymatic activity and therefore lowers the signal and increases background, this system results in cleaner and enhanced signals for the accurate detection of antigenic sites revealed by any mouse antibody. Advantages of the MAP (mouse) Immunolabeling Kit: Increased detection efficiency Cleaner stainings (lower background) Saving of the primary antibody High tissue penetrability No endogenous biotin blocking needed Longer shelf life due to lyophilization of the reagents"
  • Immunogen
    (1) Rabbit antibody: mouse IgG; (2) Mouse antibody: HRP
  • DataSHEET
  • Reactivity
    specific to mouse primary antibodies
  • Specificity
    mouse IgG Fc
  • Purification
    non purified
  • Format
    125 sections
  • Background
    Form: The kit includes: 1) a blocking serum 2) a diluent solution (for primary antibody and rabbit anti-mouse IgG antibody) 3) a rabbit antibody (shown in red) against mouse Fc portion of IgGs 4) a mouse monoclonal antibody directed against HRP (shown in black) The reagents are provided in lyophilized form to increase the shelf life of the kits. They are also packaged in small aliquots to optimize conditions of use of the reagents.

For laboratory research only, not for drug, diagnostic or other use.

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