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Dscam Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (DS2-176)

Dscam Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (DS2-176)

  • Dscam Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (DS2-176)

Dscam Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (DS2-176)

MM-0114 -- anti-Dscam
$355,00/100 µg
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NUMÉRO : MM-0114
  • Nom du produit
    Dscam Mouse Monoclonal Antibody (DS2-176)
  • Serveur
  • Clonality
  • Tested Applications
    Western Blot (WB), Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
  • Application Notes
    "Recommended starting dilutions: If reconstituted in 100
  • Clone ID
  • DataSHEET
  • Isotype
  • Conjugation
  • Reactivity
    Chicken, mouse
  • Specificity
    Full length
  • Target Name
    Chicken Dscam
  • Storage Buffer
    Lyophilized antibody can be kept at 4ºC for up to 3 months and should be kept at -20ºC for long-term storage.
  • Alias
  • Format
    100 µg
  • Background
    Down syndrome cell adhesion molecule (Dscam) is a cell adhesion molecule that plays a role in neuronal self-avoidance. It promotes repulsion between specific neuronal processes of either the same cell or the same subtype of cells. Dscam mediates, within retinal amacrine and ganglion cell subtypes, both isoneuronal self-avoidance for creating an orderly dendritic arborization and heteroneuronal self-avoidance to maintain the mosaic spacing between amacrine and ganglion cell bodies. It is the receptor for netrin that is required for axon guidance independently of and in collaboration with the receptor DCC. In spinal cord development, it plays a role in guiding commissural axons during projection and pathfinding across the ventral midline to reach the floor plate upon ligand binding. Dscam enhances netrininduced phosphorylation of PAK1 and FYN. It mediates intracellular signaling by stimulating the activation of MAPK8 and MAP kinase p38. Dscam interacts with DCC, Netrin-1, PAK1 and RAC1.

For laboratory research only, not for drug, diagnostic or other use.

  • References
    "1. Yamagata, M. & Sanes1, J. R. Dscam and Sidekick proteins direct lamina-specific synaptic connections in vertebrate retina. Nature 451, 465-9 (2008)."
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