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Scientific Support

 Scientific Support

Scientific Support

This operational team includes eight PhDs and two MScs. All ten scientists have significant experience in immunology and the antibody field. They are responsible for the experimental work involved and also provide the critical scientific link with the customers.


Customer support

At MédiMabs, we create and license top quality antibodies, with many exclusive and unique products that are not found elsewhere on the market.  We are flexible in our response to new demands, and our services are tailored to your requests.


MédiMabs’ scientific support staff is dedicated to providing the best pre- and post-sales support available. Clients talk to a scientist every time they call MédiMabs, even when ordering an antibody. In refreshing contrast to the other catalogue antibody companies currently in the market, our team of experienced PhDs are able to provide unique and unparalleled scientific customer support to our clients, and guide clients through the use of our products a multitude of applications. Because we generate and use antibodies in our own laboratories, we are in a position to better address the needs of our clients.


Clients of MédiMabs always enjoy the privilege of extensive, first-rate customer support.  Our scientists accompany you every step of the way, from participation in the design of a project to the use of our products for particular applications. We understand that every research project is unique and can customize our multitude of services to suit your needs.


At MédiMabs, we offer a variety of partnership formulas to ensure superior customer satisfaction. Providers of antibodies have incentive to be on board for the continued success and use of their product. Through a supplemental royalty payment to providers for their contribution to technical support issues, MédiMabs ensures an exceptional level of consultation-related services to the customer.  This outstanding customer support expedites the resolution of technical issues, and provides the client with an extra level of confidence in the products and services offered by MédiMabs.


Yet another advantage of working with MédiMabs is our convenient North American location. We are situated in close proximity to many of the largest research centres and universities in Montreal. We can meet with clients in person to discuss project design and product application.


We look forward to working with you!