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Antigen Design and Strategy Antigen Design and Strategy

Our team of specialists will determine the best approach for your custom antibody development: peptide, protein or DNA immunization. Benefit from their expert strategic advice for a precise antigen design and a fast synthesis.

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Polyclonal Antibody Development Polyclonal Antibody Development

MédiMabs will help you develop the polyclonal you need for your experiment. Choose from our selection of immunization schedules ranging from the 30-day or 50-day Optimmune protocols to the 56-day or 77-day Classic protocols.

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Cryostorage and Cold Storage Cryostorage

Preserve your hybridomas, cells or samples in our monitored cryostorage and cold storage units.

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Vaccine Development Vaccine Development

From development to validation of your vaccine, MédiMabs brings your insights into reality.

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ELISA Services ELISA Services

If you have large number of samples to process or you need to have pre-coated plates, MédiMabs can do it for you with their high throughput automated platform.

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Antibody Validation Antibody Validation

To confirm the research or therapeutic applications of your antibodies, MédiMabs can help you succeed in your project.

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Monoclocal Antibody Development Monoclocal Antibody Development

From an idea to a clone...

Hybridoma Development Hybridoma Generation

All our custom monoclonal antibodies are developed using our high throughput automated platform that allows for more efficient clone testing at a very affordable price. Being monoclonal right from the start, our projects produce less redundancy than the limit dilution method. In other words, MédiMabs creates more diversified clones for your money.

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Recombinant Rabbit Monoclonal Recombinant Rabbit Monoclonal

Using molecular engineering, we are able to provide rabbit monoclonal antibodies without the use of a fusion partner. It’s a practical way to benefit from the rabbit’s immune system.

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Cell Banking and Characterization Production, Characterization and Cell Banking

If you have hybridoma cells and want high quality purified antibodies, let MédiMabs do the production for you! Our team of experts will produce the antibodies following standard operating procedures to avoid the inclusion of endotoxin and maximize the purity level of your antibodies.

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Hybridoma Sequencing and Molecular Engineering Hybridoma Sequencing and
Molecular Engineering

Whether you want to preserve the sequence of your antibody or need to modify them by bioengineering, our scientist team will guide you through the process. Moreover, if you need to develop therapeutic antibodies, we will assist you through the humanization process.

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