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About Us


History of MédiMabs

Founded in 2006, in Montreal, Quebec, by a group of McGill University researchers to ensure affordable access by local researchers to the latest high-quality research antibodies.


By licensing antibodies from their peers at local universities and research centres, they quickly generated a catalog of over 200 Antibodies. Despite management being fully employed in other “day jobs” the quality of MédiMabs’ products and the responsiveness of the employed scientists to assist others in their research using the antibodies enabled MédiMabs to gain positive recognition in the scientific community world-wide.


But a catalog was not enough.


Starting in 2011, MédiMabs received significant demand for custom antibodies (in mice for MAbs and rabbits for PAbs) and related services, particularly from local researchers. Initially, the MédiMabs laboratory, animal facilities and experienced researchers met the demand. As demand grew, they realized full time management and investment in the capital equipment most researchers cannot justify would enable MédiMabs to not just meet the demand for unique antibodies, but would enable them to do it better, faster and cheaper than most research laboratories could do it for themselves.


In 2013, with a plan, management on staff full-time, and a stellar board and advisory committee MédiMabs started to seek the needed financing for growth and technology.


Now in 2015, with financing in place, a modern animal facility operation, a specialized support staff hired and trained, and the specialized technology running MédiMabs is ready to become your “go to” supplier for antibody products and services. We are also proud to say that all animal work for the development of antibodies at MédiMabs is done in facilities fully certified by the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC). 


To ensure MédiMabs products and services can be obtained by you, no matter where you work, MédiMabs has made them available through a number of distributors world-wide. For the distributor that covers your area see our Distributor List.


MédiMabs is also a proud member of the PSL Alliance. Pivotal Scientific Ltd (PSL) is the only biotechnology consultancy in the world that works specifically with research reagent manufacturers – manufacturers of antibodies, proteins, ELISA / Assay kits and tools for molecular biology.

PSL Alliance