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MAP Immunolabeling Kit

MAP Immunolabeling Kit

  • MAP Immunolabeling Kit
  • MAP Immunolabeling Kit

MAP Immunolabeling Kit

$418.00/250 sections

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  • Product Name
    MAP Immunolabeling Kit
  • Host
    (1) Rabbit antibody: rabbit; (2) Mouse antibody: mouse
  • Clonality
    (1) Rabbit antibody: polyclonal; (2) Mouse antibody: monoclonal
  • Immunogen
    (1) Rabbit antibody: mouse IgG; (2) Mouse antibody: HRP
  • DataSHEET
  • Reactivity
    specific to mouse primary antibodies
  • Specificity
    mouse IgG Fc
  • Purification
    non purified
  • Format
    250 sections
  • Background
    Form: The kit includes: 1) a blocking serum 2) a diluent solution (for primary antibody and rabbit anti-mouse IgG antibody) 3) a rabbit antibody (shown in red) against mouse Fc portion of IgGs 4) a mouse monoclonal antibody directed against HRP (shown in black) The reagents are provided in lyophilized form to increase the shelf life of the kits. They are also packaged in small aliquots to optimize conditions of use of the reagents.

For laboratory research only, not for drug, diagnostic or other use.

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