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EGFRs in cancer

     Epithelial Growth Factor Receptors are a family of receptor tyrosine kinase well studied for their role in cancer. (1) They have been widely used as biomarkers and therapeutic targets. (2) One of their best therapeutic value examples is the development of Trastuzumab, a therapeutic antibody commercialized under the name herceptin, which targets HER2 and has played a key role in the treatment of breast cancer. (3) EGFRs are still considered as key signaling molecules in various processes; they have been studied for decades and new roles and functions are still emerging. (4) As part of the CCAB partnership and the launch of MédiMabs-CCAB series, we have made accessible a panel of 3 antibodies targeting specifically 3 different EGFRs: MM-0314 anti-EGFR, MM-0315 anti-HER2 and MM-0316 anti HER3.