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  • MédiMabs: your “Go To” supplier for quality antibody solutions

    MédiMabs: your “Go To” supplier for quality antibody solutions

  • MédiMabs' research scientists

    MédiMabs' research scientists

    have specialized antibody experience and will work with you from start to finish!

  • Whether you need

    Whether you need

    access to an extensive antibody catalog or are interested in a wide range of antibody services (such as custom monoclonal & polyclonal antibody generation), MédiMabs has got you covered!





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We are dedicated to providing high quality antibodies, scientific excellence and personalized services


MédiMabs is recognized and solicited for the personalized services they offer for the development of monoclonal antibodies. MédiMabs’ aim is to generate antibodies that recognize not only the immunizing agent but the entire target protein so as to ensure it functions in client’s application in the most satisfactory manner.

MédiMabs’ standard protocol for monoclonal antibodies production requires approximately 4 to 6 months to be completed. The process is divided in 4 phases with phase 2 being the Go/No Go phase at which point the project can be aborted should the pre-fusion screening does not meet client’s expectations.

Due the lack of a suitable fusion partner, rabbit monoclonal antibodies are much more difficult to develop compared to mouse or rat’s. MédiMabs circumscribes this problem by offering the Recombinant Monoclonal Antibody Technology (RMAT). This innovative technology screens the immune repertoire of the rabbit creating the power to select the desired antibody directly from B cells.

The RMAT technology provides:

  • High affinity antibodies without the traditional cell fusion step
  • Recombinant antibody ensuring preservation of genetic information
  • Both a monoclonal and polyclonal end product
  • Production of valuable antibodies against different epitopes on the same antigen


MédiMabs frequently offer special promotions on its collection of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies.

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MédiMabs offers top high quality custom antibodies production and other related services tailored to your highly specific needs, scientific challenges and applications. Our experience and applied technical excellence allow us to provide our clients complete support for all aspects of custom antibodies production and related issues. In addition to our custom production services, our diverse custom service range includes: peptide design and synthesis, antibody purification, ascites, large scale production among other antibody-related services.

Research & Development: Antibody Pipeline

MédiMabs has a commitment with the research community: to regularly feed its antibody catalog with new and exclusive high quality well validated and characterized monoclonals and polyclonals antibodies. MédiMabs’ expert technical staff is further guided by a scientific advisory committee composed of world-class scientists and researchers who are leading authorities in areas such as immunology, neurosciences, oncology and other medical research fields.


MÉDIMABS' Approach is Refreshing and Timely in Today's Market

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